APB lets you play a police officer arresting common criminals (litterbugs, honkers, etc). It can be satisfying to clean up the streets and put away the bad guys. But mess up too much and you'll be stripped of your badge! This game is notable for its humor, detailed and colorful graphics, as well as it's cool marquee. Instead of standard marquee lighting, APB features a red and blue marquee similar to the lights on a police car. And sure enough, when you hit the siren button, these marquee lights flash in a satisfying glow. APB is an overlooked yet great classic Atari game. If you like driving games mixed with action, you've gotta give APB a shot.


You are Officer Bob, policing the mean streets one stop at a time. You drive all over town trying to fill your daily quota of tickets and arrests. Fill your quotas to keep the chief happy. But you'll get an earful if you miss your quotas, collide with civilians, explode your vehicle, etc. Starting at day 3 you'll be briefed on an APB target to bring in. Stop them and bring them back to the station to confess. There are 10 APBs total, but you probably won't make it that far without being tossed in the back of a police van yourself. Good luck!

Tips & Strategies

To be safe, keep your siren on. If you collide with a vehicle and your siren is off, you get an instant demerit.

If you bring the APB back to the station, then you get to play the "confess-o-meter" minigame before the chief walks in.

If you miss one of the APB 'bosses', you can stop your vehicle and wait a bit- they should reappear behind you in a few seconds.

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