Baby Pac-Man


Baby Pac-Man is generally the most widely-known and beloved pinball-videogame hybrids. Bally had a long history of success with Pinball (dating back to the 1930s), so it was natural to marge pinball elements with their most popular videogame franchise. The videogame portion is super tough, and you really need pinball skills to earn bonuses and help Baby Pac-Man make their way through the tough mazes.


Baby Pacman marries a super tough videogame with a fairly simple mini pinball mode. As usual, you are trying to escape the ghosts and finish all pellets to move on to the next level. The two additional tunnels at the bottom of the mazes lead to the pinball mode, where you can earn power pellets, better bonus fruits, points, and even faster speed running through those side tunnels. If you're really good, you can even earn a bunch of bonuses, lock the ball, eat some ghosts, and return down the tunnel for more pinball action.

Tips & Strategies

Enter the pinball mode as quickly as you can at each round or life.

Focus on getting all power pellets by shooting the 'captive ball' and drop targets, but be careful not to drain the ball straight down the middle.

If you're doing well at the pinball portion, lock the ball in the two 'saucers' in the upper corners, eat a bunch of ghosts, then go back down the tunnel to earn more power pellets.

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