Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja

Data East

Bad Dudes is one of Data East's most iconic games, and one of the more popular late 80s beat 'em ups out there. The classic Data East cabinet is pretty cool and the rounded marquee catches your eye. I also like how the controls are ambidextrous- buttons on both sides of the joystick make it easy to play no matter if you are right-handed or left. The game is a typical 'fight and move right' style where you progress through waves of enemies until you reach the final boss matches at each level. This game is full of funny quirks (odd story about rescuing President Reagan from ninjas and the tank top/sweatpants combo) that make it stick in players' minds. Are you a bad enough dude to play this game?


President Ronnie has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie? So how did Ronald Reagan end up in this mess? Secret Service really screwed up this time. Should we send an elite military unit to rescue the President from the ninja clan? Nah, just send in these random dudes named Striker and Blade. What kind of arms do they have? You know- just their arms... for punching and kicking. Oh boy. Mr. President, help is on the way.

Tips & Strategies

Watch out for the glowing caltrops (sharp ground spikes) dropped by certain enemies. You can jump over or duck and attack them to clear this obstacle.

"Rampant ninja related crimes these days". Seriously? I remember the late 80s pretty well, but I must've forgotten about all those ninja crimes.

Karnov (of arcade and NES fame) appears as one of the end-of-level bosses.

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