Black Widow


Black Widow is one of the more obscure Atari vector games out there. Atari had really mastered the color vector game, and Black Widow is one of the hidden gems from that era. It plays a lot like a color vector version of Robotron, so fans of that classic may enjoy this one also. While there are not as many enemies onscreen at once, the pace of the game is super fast and you can get swarmed really fast if you're not quick. Stay away from the large red bugs with green wings- they explode when hit. Black Widow is a pretty obscure game that can be hard to find since not a ton still exist. I had been looking for this game for a long time, so now we're happy to share this hidden gem with all of you!


You play as a spider, shooting deadly bugs who land in your web and collecting bonuses after they are shot. You encounter standard bugs, but quickly you find many types of bugs with various capabilities. Some of the most dangerous include the grenade bug, which explodes once it's shot, and the invulnerable Rocket Bug that can only be stopped if it is caught in an explosion. You also may encounter the Bug Slayer, which is harmless to you but competes for food. With so many types of bugs, it pays to learn quickly which color bugs have which abilities.

Tips & Strategies

Some great players like to stay near the bottom of the screen as much as possible and shoot upwards at enemies. This might be a little easier than staying near the middle.

Eventually you'll see segments of the web that change to green or red. Once sections are red, you can't cross through and will have to move around these obstructions.

Small, stationary dots (called "grubsteaks") are small bugs that grow over time and can't be shot. Push them off the edge (or the center) of the web for points.

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