Double Dragon 2: The Revenge


Double Dragon 2 is obviously the follow-up to the arcade classic. This game was perhaps more well-known on the NES (which had some of the coolest-looking box art ever), but these versions play quite differently from each other. Inspired by Renegade, this game switches up the controls so now you can attack left or right. Aside from this difference, the game plays pretty similarly to the arcade original though it has some graphics upgrades. If you haven't played this forgotten title but always loved the original, give Double Dragon 2 a try- you might even enjoy it more.


Shadow Boss has obsessed over his defeat by Billy & Jimmy (I mean Hammer & Spike) for years, slowly rebuilding his underground organization. He returns to gun down Marian in cold blood. Instead of saving Marian, you emerge from your garage to avenge her death. You battle your way through the Shadow Boss organization until you face their leader and get your revenge.

Tips & Strategies

The controls are slightly changed- now you have Jump, Left Attack & Right Attack.

Defeat the final boss and your spirit (conscience?) will emerge from you like a shadow, and you must face off against this spirit to complete the game.

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