Rastan is a fantasy side-scrolling adventure game that pits your barbarian character against all manner of bats, flying rodents, echolocating mammals, and small winged creatures (and some non-bat creatures, allegedly). The game is a fun adventure title with great music that sets the mood, and a variety of fantastic creatures to battle. This is a great game for people who like fantasy adventure titles and mythological creatures. Rastan is the closest you'll get to playing a Conan the Barbarian videogame. What else are ya gonna do- play Krull?


You are Rastan the Barbarian, adventuring across the wild landscape encountering wild creatures intent on your destruction. The King tells the story of Rastan's adventures battling through castles on his way to defeating all the enemies who stand in his way. You face off against harpies and chimeras in your quest to slay a dragon. Each level features an outdoor stage, a castle stage, and a boss battle throne room. Make your way through the levels and ultimately face off against the flying, fire-breathing dragon in its cavernous lair. You must defeat it on one credit- no small task.

Tips & Strategies

Pressing the joystick diagonally up can boost your jump to reach high spots (especially in later levels).

Collect blue potions but avoid red poisonous bottles!

Attacking while jumping deals double damage against tough enemies.

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