Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting


This update to the classic Street Fighter series brings the speed that players wanted. The gameplay itself is much faster and requires more accurate timing for moves. Therefore, some newer players have a harder time pulling off special moves than other versions. Also, the cutscenes and other screens are faster, so you can get to playing right away. Of course you can play as the boss characters, and each of the other fighters (except Guile) were given an additional special move. For instance, Blanka has a vertical version of his rolling attack, and Chun Li can throw fireballs. New color palettes were also made default, so characters look slightly different than the original version. With these tweaks, many players consider Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting the pinnacle of the series.


You know the drill- characters battle in a high-stakes tournament. Unlike the Mortal Kombat series, the game does not highlight as much backstory for each update- the storyline is pretty much the same. You can see what the characters' motivations are when they beat the game, but otherwise there isn't a whole lot of setup involved. These characters are battling, we don't need to know exactly what motivates each character other than winning.

Tips & Strategies

If you aren't familiar with the characters' new moves, check them out online. You will face them in battle, so you should know these new attacks.

The marquee is so confusing- Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition Turbo Hyper Fighting. Um, ok.

"M. Bison" is Balrog's original name- he was modeled after Mike (aka M.) Tyson.

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