Sinistar is one of the best videogame villains ever- his menacing presence and taunting howls fascinated kids at the arcade. He's almost like a sentient Death Star- once he is fully constructed he will pursue you relentlessly, only stopped if you can drop enough sinibombs in his path. Sinistar uses a 49-way joystick for precise movement and generally plays like an ultra-fast version of Asteroids. You can't outrun enemies, so all you can do is evade them and collect sinibombs quickly otherwise you will be defenseless when Sinistar attacks. This game is super hard if you've never played before, but thankfully we have some tips to keep your ships from being devoured by the demonic Sinistar!


You are a small ship in a strange environment dominated by Sinistar, the evil creature ship that will haunt you once he is fully built. Blast asteroids to release collectible crystals, and these crystals are used as sinibombs, the only weapon that can defeat Sinistar. Worker ships don't pose a direct threat- they won't attack you. However they will mine crystals from the asteroids and try to steal crystals from your asteroids, so be quick. While you battle these workers, gray Warrior ships will also try to destroy you. Shoot these quickly so you can focus on collecting crystals. Sinistar isn't hurt by your shots, so you need sinibombs to stand a chance. Otherwise he will chant "Run, Coward!" as he devours you.

Tips & Strategies

Quickly shoot gray ships, but focus your time collecting crystals from asteroids so you have a way of defeating Sinistar. Otherwise, you will be insta-killed once he lives.

Bumping into asteroids or enemy ships won't damage you- get close to scoop up the crystals released as crystals are released.

You might try to destroy pieces of Sinistar before he is fully built to delay construction- but remember to restock sinibombs otherwise you'll be defenseless when he comes for you.

There's a bug where if you get eaten by Sinistar and run into a floating enemy shot at the same time, you might end up with -1 lives, which is read by the game as 255 lives!

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