Smash TV


Smash TV is basically Running Man: The Game. You play in a futuristic game show for cash and prizes. The maze-like levels are loaded with deadly enemies with various weapons, and you battle your way through to the crazy bosses. Smash TV is a dual-stick shooter similar to Robotron and plays in much the same way- each level limits you to what you see on screen, and you must evade enemies as much as their shots. Makes sense, though, since Eugene Jarvis created both games. I really like the application of this type of game to a stylized game show theme. If you like Robotron and over-the-top, cartoonish action, you'll love Smash TV!


Smash TV is the most popular TV show, dominating the ratings in the futuristic era of 1999 (Hahaha). Two contestants battle their way through the enemy hordes for cash & prizes. You can literally win a toaster, but you could also lose your life. Sounds like a great game show. The theming of this title seems a little like Jerry Springer meets American Gladiators, with a dash of Hunger Games thrown in. Of course those came along much later, but the Schwarzenegger film Running Man seems like an obvious influence.

Tips & Strategies

Generally move from power-up to power-up since they disappear quickly. Also, stay clear of the doors as much as possible.

The first boss is impervious to regular bullets- you need to power up.

Watch out for mines, particularly as they are sometimes covered over by bonus prizes.

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