Star Wars Trilogy


Let's be real- everyone knows the original Star Wars trilogy is the best. Want to play a game based on the prequels? Nah. Star Wars Trilogy lets you live through your favorite Star Wars moments, and not a Jar Jar Binks element at all. And wielding a joystick as a lightsaber?! Sounds awesome. There's a reason people flock to this Star Wars classic.


Play through some of the key battles of the original Star Wars Trilogy. At the start, you can choose between missions on Yavin, Hoth, or Endor. You might be piloting spacecraft, or making your way through a first-person battle. When you complete two missions, you face off against Boba Fett, defending yourself against his blaster shots using your lightsaber. If you complete all three missions, you enter a lightsaber duel against Darth Vader himself.

Tips & Strategies

When the 'special event' button flashes, hit it quickly to trigger an event.

If you just want to focus on space battles, choose Yavin to pilot your X-Wing to the first Death Star.

During lightsaber battles, make sure to follow on-screen arrows to reflect shots and win the rounds.

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