Tempest is a very distinctive game with classic graphics, which is why is has been included in so many Atari greatest hits compilations. I have vivid memories of playing Tempest on my early 90s PC. In addition to great gameplay, Tempest features some of the best sideart of any arcade game. The awesome colors matched the colorful on-screen graphics and got you excited before you even hit start.


According to legend, the insipration for Tempest came to creator Dave Theurer in a nightmare about monsters crawling up through a hole in the ground. This concept was refined into its current form- a sort of space shooter where creatures come from the center and you rotate around the outsides of various shapes to blast enemies. At the end of each level, you fly through the 'tunnel' and start at the new tunnel (warpspeed!).

Tips & Strategies

There are a few bugs (features) in Tempest that let you start at any level up to 81, get 40 free credits, and more.

This was Atari's first color vector game. Vector graphics were made famous in games like Asteroids, and have a distinctive look similar to an etch-a-sketch.

Tempest is featured at the end of the Rush music video for Subdivisions.

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