Time Pilot

Centuri - Konami

Time Pilot almost never got made. Yoshiki Okamoto's boss wasn't happy with his proposal and told him to work on a driving game instead. Okamoto pretended to be working on that game, but secretly continued refining the game that became Time Pilot. Time Pilot became Konami's biggest hit at the time, and Okamoto's boss ended up taking credit for the success.


You play as a pilot of a futuristic fighter jet, flying through different eras rescuing trapped pilots. After you destroy enough aircraft (starting with 56), you must destroy the mothership for big points. Progress through the various eras to advance to the space levels (2001- what a joke) and battle flying saucers. If you complete all the levels, you restart back at 1910.

Tips & Strategies

When you hear the audio cue, destroy an entire incoming squadron for bonus points.

To escape tracking missiles, make lots of tight turns.

In 2001, the asteroids aren't fatal, but they do obscure enemies.

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