Area 51/Maximum Force


Area 51 is one of the most memorable shooting games of the 90s, and Maximum Force is a fun follow-up. So what's better than one iconic 90s classic? How about two in one cabinet? Which do you want to face off against? Evil terrorists, or demonic aliens? Don't worry- you really don't have to choose. You can play through both games to see which is your favorite.


In Area 51, aliens have invaded, and you work with STAAR to repel the attack and defeat them. Pretty straightforward. Make your way through the hangar, lab, and into the mountain cave to destroy the aliens. In Maximum Force, you are a counter-terrorist agent who infiltrates three combat zones to take on the terrorist forces. Make sure to avoid hitting any hostages or take fire from terrorists to continue through the game.

Tips & Strategies

Unlock secret rooms by shooting various objects (such as shooting all the windows after climbing into the office).

Unlock a totally secret "Kron Hunter" mode where you play as an alien! When Area 51 starts, don't shoot any aliens. Instead, shoot each human character on screen. You will lose some health, but that's ok. Once you hit the third human, the screen will go crazy and Kron Hunter mode starts.

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