Asteroids is a true classic remembered fondly even by non-gamers. The minimalist, clean graphics match well with the finely-tuned physics to create a game that draws you in. Asteroids stands out as Atari's biggest hit, launching several sequels and spinoffs. However, none of the later sequels could quite match the understated brilliance of this blockbuster.


In 2743, a catastrophic solar eruption knocked the planets off their orbits. One by one, planets crashed into the sun, causing further explosions until Earth itself was obliterated. As the lone survivor, you search the galaxy for new life, only to be confronted with dangerous asteroids and hostile life forms. Will you blast through the treacherous asteroid fields and establish a new outpost for humanity? ... Wait, is that the storyline? No, but does it matter? This game is fun, story or no story.

Tips & Strategies

One of the oldest tricks is to destroy all asteroids until only one is left, then hunt for alien spaceships.

Many new players avoid thrusting so they can stay in the center of the screen. As you get more comfortable, though, you may find you do better when you move around to avoid asteroid fragments.

Hyperspace might be a last resort, but just like Defender, you are likely to end up exploding once you materialize.

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