Berzerk is well-loved for its many lines of speech. The robotic voices warn each other of your presence, announce when they've killed you, and even entice observers with "coins detected in pocket." Evil Otto is the one of the more diabolical enemies in video games because there is no way to kill him, and his true power is obscured behind an ever-smiling face. He bounces through walls as he hunts you down, like a predator toying with its prey. While Evil Otto is a ruthless danger, other enemies are bumbling morons, sometimes even shooting each other accidentally.


You are a 'humanoid' stuck in a maze full of threatening (yet clumsy) robots trying to destroy you. Just as you clear one room of monstrous robots, you end up in another room of the ever-changing maze. If you linger too long, the indestructible Evil Otto will chase you until you are forced to move on. You can try to get through the maze however you want, you will never truly escape!

Tips & Strategies

Evil Otto moves slower when robots are on screen, but faster when he's alone.

Some voice clips include "Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert" "The humanoid must not escape" and "Chicken! Fight like a robot!".

The arcade cabinet features a slide-out drawer containing all the boards for easy repairs.

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