Championship Sprint


Many driving games have you view your car from behind, but this top-down view makes for a cool two-player experience. The variety of tracks keeps you coming back, and Atari's 360 degree steering wheels makes it fun to spin the wheel as you head into a crazy turn. Championship Sprint is a great game in a long series of fun driving titles.


This game comes from a long line of driving classics. The very first game in this series was Sprint 2, from 1976. (The "2" refers to the number of players, not the order it was released). Graphics changed a lot from the original black and white, but the basic gameplay remained largely intact. The top-down view and simple controls make this game very accessible.

Tips & Strategies

Collect wrenches to upgrade your vehicle between races.

Some tracks have hidden shortcuts- see if you can find them all.

Don't take too much damage or your car will explode and cost you tons of time.

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