Dig Dug


Dig Dug is a classic game that has incredibly memorable graphics, and has been ported to many systems. Therefore, it is truly a beloved classic to most people. Despite the game being released by Atari in the US, it was designed by Namco (which explains the lack of a free play option). There were numerous sequels, but none matched the memorable action of the original.

Dig Dug in Stranger Things 2 (courtesy of Netflix)


Dig Dug is faced with a number of enemies underground, and it is up to his trusty air pump to inflate these creatures and clear them from the rocky garden. Fygar is a little green dragon that breathes fire, and Pooka is a little round creature wearing goggles (almost like a little minion). How did those creatures get there? Why are they trying to kill Dig Dug? Why does Dig Dug use an air pump instead of a taser? We may never know.

Tips & Strategies

Once you drop two rocks, a vegetable will appear near the center of the level.

In Japan, the Dig Dug character is known as Hori Taizo, a play on the Japanese phrase meaning "I want to dig."

You can partially inflate an enemy and then pass through them safely- this will help you take on multiple enemies quickly.

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