Double Donkey Kong


Double Donkey Kong packages the two iconic games in one arcade cabinet. To switch between games, simply press both 1P and 2P start buttons at the same time. It's funny to see in the original game Mario is the protagonist, but he is the bad guy in DK Junior. Whether you want to jump over barrels & climb ladders or slide down vines and fight off snapjaws, this arcade cabinet has you covered with two of Nintendo's best arcade classics in one sweet combo.


Everyone knows the storylines of these classic games. Donkey Kong took Pauline hostage, and Mario tries to get her back while dodging Donkey Kong's attacks. In Donkey Kong Jr., Mario has taken Donkey Kong hostage and trapped him in a cage, and it is up to Donkey Kong Jr. to rescue him. Kinda weird to see Mario as a bad guy, and he never played the antagonist in any other Nintendo games.

Tips & Strategies

Press 1P & 2P Start buttons to switch games.

The randomness of the barrels makes Donkey Kong a tough challenge.

In DK Jr, grab 2 vines to move up fast, or only 1 vine to move down fast.

"Donkey" as in stubborn, "Kong" as in gorilla (like King Kong).

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