Double Dragon


Double Dragon stands out in many gamers' minds as a great brawler, particularly based on the awesome NES port. Unfortunately, the arcade version experiences slowdown when there are many enemies on-screen. Despite this limitation, Double Dragon has fun brawling action great for two people to play cooperatively. The fact that you can damage each other (accidentally or otherwise) only makes it that much more fun.


Bad guys have kidnapped the girl you like, and you have to rescue her, blah blah blah. Naturally, the only way to rescue her is with your fists, feet, and occassionally a baseball bat. This game has a twist on the typical story, though. Once you rescue Marion in a two-player game, you then fight each other to settle who gets to keep her. (Guess it never occurred to Spike or Hammer to ask Marion if she even liked them like that).

Tips & Strategies

Like most brawlers, try not to get surrounded- it is harder to fight enemies in both directions.

In 2-player games, you can damage each other, so watch those baseball bat swings!

Headbutting is refreshingly fun- give it a shot.

Avoid falling off-screen. It is way too easy to accidentally walk downward and slip to your death.

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