Final Fight


The late 80s & early 90s was packed with scrolling brawlers. Final Fight actually started out development as the sequel to Street Fighter, but once brawlers like Double Dragon took off, Capcom reworked the game into the classic brawler we have today. Capcom dominated this genre, launching tons of similar games with new themes, licenses, or twists.


Soon after champion Street Fighter Haggar is elected mayor of Metro City, the Mad Gear gang kidnaps Haggar's daughter. Mad Gear plans to use this leverage to control the mayor, but Haggar has other plans- he hits the streets to rescue his daughter. Instead of rolling through his city shaking hands and tallying votes, this mayor kicks butt and piledrives punks. I can picture his re-election campaign ads now.

Tips & Strategies

Your power move can save you in a pinch, but your health takes a hit as well.

"Andore" is a parody of Andre the Giant. Also keep an eye out for "Axl" and "Slash" from Guns N' Roses.

If you finish the whole game on one credit, there is a bonus ending- good luck.

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