Fix It Felix Jr.


Everyone knows the Academy Award winning smash hit film Wreck It Ralph, but have you ever played the game it's based on? Fix It Felix Jr. is a platformer that plays a little like Rampage in reverse, with a bit of Crazy Climber and Donkey Kong thrown in. Climb the high rise fixing windows and ultimately earn your medal and watch Ralph get thrown off the building like the lovable bad guy he is.


Wreck It Ralph torments the Nicelanders on a daily basis by smashing windows in their apartment high-rise and throwing bricks at anyone below. But Fix It Felix Jr's magic hammer is gonna repair all the windows as he chases Ralph to the top of the buildings. Help Felix rise to the challenge and get the Nicelanders to throw Ralph off the building. Who knows, maybe you'll even get a medal for your efforts!

Tips & Strategies

Staying near the outside edges is a safer way to progress through the levels.

Earn extra points (and brief invincibility) by collecting pies the Nicelanders leave in the windowsills for Felix.

Don't forget to fix the little window in the door- people often get stuck because they overlooked that piece.

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