I've always felt it's a bit strange that you avoid the water all along, and then you gladly jump in at the end. In fact, if you land on the grass at the other side of the river, you die. Huh?!? This frog is quite proper too. The marquee shows him with a tie and briefcase. So maybe he's actually running late for a meeting.


Why did the frog cross the road? These poor frogs have been stranded on the wrong side of a busy highway, and only you can escort them to safety. Cars, trucks, turtles, alligators, snakes and even other frogs conspire to catch you along the way.

Tips & Strategies

Grab those flies for extra points.

When you get 5 frogs across to finish the level, the rescued frogs' noses turn into heart shapes- blink and you might miss it.

Frogger was featured in a classic episode of Seinfeld.

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