This follow-up to Galaxian is a true classic that challenges players to this day. Galaga built on Galaxian's success by showing hit/miss ratio and offering periodic bonus stages. Despite the challenge Galaga presents, there are several players in the city who can play this game almost endlessly on one credit. I'm happy if I get to the second bonus level.


You control a spaceship as aliens attack in waves. It is up to you to single-handedly defend your planet. It is unclear why no one else offered to help you fight the attacking alien swarm, but maybe they didn't have any quarters. Yet another defend-the-planet game where no one else on the whole darn planet feels like pitching in. Guess they trust their fate with you. No pressure!

Tips & Strategies

Get pulled into the tractor beam, then later shoot your captor to double your firepower.

There is a stop-firing cheat, but it takes forever to activate.

Namco even produced tiny Galaga cabinets designed to be used in buses!

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