Golden Axe


Golden Axe is one of the games that defined the late 90s, and was a foundational title on the Sega Genesis. This classic title pits you against the evil forces that have taken over the kingdom. You can ride on various mounts (called bizarrians), but lose them and enemies may take over. Dragons are powerful and have great fireball attacks, and others may look familiar since the beaked creatures also appear in Altered Beast. Each warrior has a form of magic power, which can be built up to various improved levels. After levels, you may find that a gnome has stolen your potions while you slept- hit them to get your potions back.


Death Adder (Damn- what a name!) has kidnapped the king and princess of Yuria. He threatens to destroy the magical Golden Axe unless the people of the kingdom accept him as their ruler. A barbarian (Ax Battler), dwarf (Gilius Thunderhead) and amazon (Tyris Flare) begin a quest to rescue the royals, end Death Adder, and restore justice to the kingdom. Motivated by the death of their loved ones, they fight through hordes of Death Adder's minions along their quest.

Tips & Strategies

Double tap the joystick left or right to dash smash enemies.

Hit those blue gnomes to recover magic potions.

Golden Axe has one of the most surreal endings of all time- I guarantee you will not be expecting what happens.

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