House of the Dead 2


If you're gonna play a shooting game, you probably want to face off against aliens or zombies. House of the Dead 2 is part of the most iconic zombie shooter series in arcade history, with several fun titlesto please gamers. I'm not sure why these characters keep running head on into zombie masses, but they've got a knack. And this game makes for a fun date night activity- nothing brings people closer than taking on legions of zombies together.


You travel to Venice to track down the missing Agent G. You finally find G alive but wounded, and he gives you a guide to the various bosses. As you start to learn about these creatures, an undead horde invades and you are forced to fight and flee, evacuating and rescuing people along the way. You face bosses like Zeal and his armored puppet Kuarl, a fish-like creature, and many others.

Tips & Strategies

You don't have to pull the trigger off-screen to reload- just aim off-screen and you will reload automatically.

There are multiple endings based on the number of players, amount of continues used, etc.

Always look for those boss' weak points.

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