Marble Madness


This game is all about the smooth, frantic gameplay you get from that sweet trackball. You have momentum in the game also, so you can get the ball rolling fast as you head into a sharp turn. This helps in later levels (notably the beginning of the aerial level). Expert players can beat all six levels quickly. The unusual theme and smooth controls make Marble Madness a real classic.


This is one of the few games where you play as a Marble. Your challenge is to get to the goal zone at the end of each level. Along the way, you face Marble Munchers and Black Steelies and a variety of other hazards designed to slow you down. If you're lucky, you might get a time bonus as the clock winds down. Otherwise, its game over and you can try to plot a faster path next time.

Tips & Strategies

If you time it right, you can knock the Black Steelie to his death.

Look for alternate paths through the level- there is more than one way to get through.

Your extra time carries over to the next level, so make the most of those early, easier levels!

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