I love Centipede, but I prefer playing Millipede- the action is even more frantic and challenging. Also, Millipede uses a larger trackball than Centipede, and some of the best cabinet art among arcade games. The graphics are really detailed and colorful. While this game isn't quite as iconic as Centipede, it represents another worthy sequel that stands up to the original.


Just as in Centipede, you face off a horde of insects that threaten to take over your garden. But now there are far more enemies to face. Earwigs, Bees, Beetles, Mosquitos and Dragonflies threaten you, but you also have DDT Bombs that destroy nearby creatures, and an Inchworm slows time to get those carefully-aimed shots.

Tips & Strategies

You can only have a certain number of shots on-screen at once, so conserve your shots instead of machine-gunning everything in sight.

Atari also created an unreleased sequel called MilliVanillipede, but the group's lip-sync controversy ended that collaboration (ok, not really).

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