Mortal Kombat 2


Personally, I prefer the smoother animations/action in the Street Fighter series, but Mortal Kombat certainly stands out for its unique approach to fighting games. Actors were traced and turned into sprites, with only minimal action being animated traditionally. MK2 also improved the number of Fatalities and introduced elements that the creators wanted to include ever since the original.


Whew- its a complicated backstory. The short version is: Shang Tsung failed to doom the planet in the first Mortal Kombat, so he was set for execution. However he convinced his manager to give him some overtime hours (or something). Now they would host the tournament in the Outworld, where Shao Khan himself could destroy the fighters.

Tips & Strategies

There are three secret characters you can battle if you know the hidden methods.

MK2 introduced Kitana, Jax, Kung Lao, Mileena, and Baraka.

The first version of the software had many bugs and lacked endings for the characters- "effectively a public beta test."

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