Pac-Man is clearly a one of the most iconic videogame characters of all time, and the game itself is one of the most beloved. One study found that 94 percent of US consumers recognized Pac-Man, which speaks to the character's staying power. When Pac-Man first arived, most games were 'space shooters' but this game was much more approachable and light-hearted. The game itself is well-balanced: it is 'easy to learn, hard to master.'


Since Pac-Man is one of the most obscure arcade games, there is not a lot of documentation related to this forgotten machine. Pac-Man's backstory seems to be lost in the fog of history, so you are forced to take it on its own merit- you can only know what is right in front of you. Are the ghosts literal? Do they represent the fears and regrets that haunt our psyche? Who can say for sure? Despite its obscurity, Pac-Man is certainly worth your time- get to know this rare game today.

Tips & Strategies

Pac-Man only has one maze. Get to know this pattern, because you'll be playing it a lot.

It is possible to get a perfect score- getting every bonus, etc without ever losing a life.

Atari turned down the rights to manufacture Pac-Man, saying the game was too easy. Oops.

Despite the game's obscurity, Pac-Man became the most-merchandised character in game history.

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