Nintendo intended Donkey Kong to be a Popeye game, but there were licensing problems. When they finally sorted that all out and created the Popeye game, you can see how the games used similar mechanics and themes. But if Nintendo had made Popeye the first time around, would there ever have been Donkey Kong?


Avoid Brutus, and collect all of Olive Oyl's hearts before they fall to the ground. Grabbing the spinach works kind of like a power pellet in Pac-Man- Brutus will run away, and you can knock him out for a short time. Popeye is a tough game for new players because Brutus is a relentless enemy who can easily hit you from above or below.

Tips & Strategies

You get more points if you collects hearts near the top of the screen. Rush to the bottom if one hits the ground- it won't stay there long.

You might need to lead Brutus away from where you need to run.

If Brutus throws a huge stream of bottles at you, you better get that punch button ready!

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