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Let's say you love late 80's beat-em-ups. Maybe run & gun games are more your speed. Perhaps you prefer a little first-person shooter action. Well, don't worry- Robocop has you covered. Tons of 80s kids wanted to be like Robocop, marching through the streets cleaning up crime and defending the innocent. And that's a big part of the game's appeal- it really puts you in the movie, and you even see through Robocop's eyes in the FPS bonus rounds. Pretty cool game that properly captured a pretty fun movie.


You are Robocop. Your Prime Directives? Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law. How do you do that? Punch & shoot generic bad guys and make a path to the bosses of each round (including the awesome ED-209).

Tips & Strategies

Watch those grenades- you have armor, but those are particularly dangerous.

It turns out that Robocop is *not* actually short for Robert Cop.

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