Root Beer Tapper


Root Beer Tapper is an iconic arcade game known for its unique gameplay and wonderfully-styled arcade cabinet. Since you play as a busy bartender, it makes sense that the controls are two tap handles surrounding a joystick. It's quite the challenge for new players who don't notice the empty mugs heading back towards the end of the bar. Playing this game is like trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning- plenty of action to keep you busy, and you won't get anywhere if you don't stay on the move. So if you haven't tried this classic game yet, give it a shot- it's a mugful of fun!


You play as a soda jerk (re-themed bartender) serving thirsty patrons and picking up tips. Fill mugs, slide them to guests, pick up their tips and empty mugs, and repeat. Don't let an empty mug crash or serve a glass if no customer is there, and don't let guests reach the end of the bar. You gotta move fast to keep up with these people. The first level is a country/western themed room, the second is outside of a sports stadium, the third is a punk rock club, and the last level is space-themed with plenty of alien creatures.

Tips & Strategies

Don't wait for guests to finish their drinks- serve as many as there are guests in each lane, then move to the next one. Once all are covered, check for empties coming back and guests who need refills.

The "shell game" bonus round is a lot of fun- don't end up with foam in your face!

The game was originally known as Tapper and had a Budweiser theme, but arcades complained and it was re-themed as Root Beer Tapper to be more suitable for all ages.

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