Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike builds on the series by featuring a load of interesting characters not featured in the original series such as Dudley, Hugo, Makoto, and many more. 3rd Strike features a hip-hop influenced soundtrack, an option for you to 'choose your opponent' before each round, and the return of the car crush bonus round. The games's flow feels different than the original series, but the advanced mechanics (dashes, parrying, stat-boosting taunts, and more) are why many players feel that 3rd Strike is the best in the series.


While 3rd Strike is a continuation of SF3: 2nd Impact, apparently many of the fights are not considered canon. For instance, none of the characters introduced are considered competitors in the Third World Warrior Tournament. Does that matter to you? Probably not. You're not really here for story development, you just want to get to the fights. If you want to learn more about the characters, you can pay attention to their intros and endings to find out what makes these characters tick.

Tips & Strategies

To parry an attack, tap forward for high/mid attacks, and tap down for low attacks. If timed well, it can give you a nice opening.

There is now a stun bar under the health bar, so you can see when your opponent (and you) may get stunned.

To taunt, press/hold the Hard Punch and Hard Kick buttons at the same time.

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