Soul Calibur


Soul Calibur is part of the most well-known weapon-based fighting game series out there. Soul Calibur is perhaps the best of the series, with the Dreamcast version identified as one of the best games on the entire console. This game introduced true 8-way motion, so you can really cover a lot of ground in the ring. You also have a range of deflections and parries which can be mastered for very fine character control. If you're a fan of fighting games but never got into the Soul Calibur series, this one truly is an excellent starting point.


After Sophitia and Taki stopped the dread pirate Cervantes' reign of terror wielding the Soul Edge, the mystical sword split in two. Siegfried became the new host of the Soul Edge and is now known as Nightmare. Nightmare plunges Europe into chaos to appease the weakened blade. In the year 1587, a group of warriors join up to fight Nightmare and stop Soul Edge once again.

Tips & Strategies

Attacks are grouped into categories- horizontal attacks, vertical attacks and kicks. Horizontal attacks tend to be particularly useful if your opponent moves a lot.

Getting a Ring Out win is so satisfying- just make sure it's not you who ends up knocked off the ring!

For a challenge, choose Edge Master- his fighting weapon & style changes each round!

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