Star Wars


One of the most memorable arcade cabinets in history, Star Wars is near the pinnacle of cabinet design. Fantastic artwork, molded plastic embellishments, a color XY monitor, and an unique controller all make this game stand out. And every kid in the early 80s wanted to pilot an X-Wing fighting your way through TIE fighters and destroying the Death Star. The Star Wars arcade game is fanbase wish fulfillment at its best.


So there's this old movie called Star Wars, which is loosely based on the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs. This game features iconic scenes from Star Wars- start by choosing a difficulty (harder difficulties earn higher rewards). You start out battling TIE fighters, then make your way to the surface of the Death Star, and finally you move into the Death Star trench to shoot the exhaust port.

Tips & Strategies

If you're new to the game, start out on the easiest difficulty to get used to each level. This also lets you extend your playtime a bit as well. You can always experience the higher difficulties after you destroy the Death Star.

This game features many different speech samples, and 7 different musical themes, many of which play during the attract mode.

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