Super Mario Bros.


Nearly everyone is familiar with the NES version, which makes this arcade version familiar but also slightly different. We might have original levels' secrets burned into our brains, but the changes in the arcade version provide a bit more challenge. This game is always very popular, mainly because it is the first console game for an entire generation of gamers.


If you've never played Super Mario Bros. before, you must have just thawed from a cryogenic freeze. Mario is a fireball-throwing wizard who is questing through the Mushroom Kingdom on a mission to jump through pipes and down flagpoles in order to defeat the lizard king and restore peace to the land.

Tips & Strategies

Levels are somewhat different than the NES version, but many of the same tricks apply.

This arcade version was a great way to introduce arcade fans to the new platforming adventure that formed the template for future Mario NES titles.

Many 1up mushrooms are missing in this game- gotta stretch those credits out.

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