Super Sidekicks 2


There were plenty of soccer games for consoles, but not too many arcade games. Funny that soccer isn't as popular, even though almost every kid I knew grew up playing in youth soccer leagues. While these games may not have been huge in the US, they do very well in the rest of the world. I imagine the North America release was aimed mainly at Mexico.


Choose your team and advance through the World Championship for ultimate glory! The rules of this tournament are similar to the World Cup. There are 48 teams spread across 6 regions. Win your Regional Tournament Qualifying Round Final, and you move on to the round robin. Advance through the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final to cement your place in history (well, Neo Geo history anyway).

Tips & Strategies

Use the C button to shift defenders' positions.

There are no tie games- to break a tie, you choose between penalty shots, sudden death, or replaying the whole game.

Soccer games are not too common in the US, but this is one of the better ones.

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