WWF Wrestlemania


90's era wrestlers burst onto the arcade scene with Midway's Wrestlemania. This game is a big departure from Superstars and Wrestlefest because this is really a Mortal Kombat-style fighting game with a wrestling theme (not that that's a bad thing). Sure, you can fling opponents into the ropes and jump off the turnbuckle, but this game is really all about striking and cartoony special moves instead of grappling and technical skill. Still, you know you want to play as the Undertaker and bash enemies with an animated tombstone.


Not a huge story here- you don't get backstage cutscenes or anything. Choose between the Intercontinental Championship or WWF Championship to advance through waves of enemies towards the belt. Not every match is 1v1- you may fight 2 or 3 enemies. The final match of the WWF Championship is a Royal Rumble where you face all 8 enemies in the ring! If you endure that gauntlet, you've definitely earned the title belt!

Tips & Strategies

The first attack is worth 2x damage, so fight hard & hit first.

Don't bother grappling if you face multiple opponents- while you lock up with one, their partner will smash your head.

Finishing move?! Yep- Undertaker has a great finisher you can activate by pressing up, down, punch instead of pinning the second time in a match.

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