WWF Wrestlefest


Wrestlefest is generally seen as the best arcade wrestling game ever made. It's easy to see why- you can actually play a true, 2-on-2 tag team match against human opponents?! Wish all wrestling games were set up for 4 players. Also, the graphics were upgraded from Superstars, as well as updating the roster. New specials were introduced, and you have many new ways to face off against enemies. Of course, if things get tough, you can add a credit and boost your health. But that's no guarantee that skilled players couldn't still pin you or toss you out of the ring. If you love wrestling and haven't played Wrestlefest, you owe it to yourself to check out the best!


You can enter the "Saturday Night's Main Event" mode, a tag team tournament that ends with you facing the Legion of Doom. If you want more of a solo challenge, you could also enter the "Royal Rumble" mode. There, six wrestlers at a time battle to either toss opponents out of the ring, force a submission, or pin opponents to knock them out of the battle. As wrestlers are eliminated, new ones join until it comes down to the final one on one battle. Do you have what it takes?

Tips & Strategies

You can add another credit to boost your health at any time.

Royal Rumble mode is a ton of fun, but you can be thrown out even if your health isn't too low.

Choose a wrestler based on their special moves- some like Mr. Perfect even have special moves that lead directly into pins.

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